Richard Hugo

But for almost all writers, the act of discovery is mixed up with the act of perfecting the presentation, because the actual words and the need to select and prune act as triggers and forces on the material in ways that can both require more discovery and cause it whether required or not. And so while each writer may always start with an act of discovery and always end with an act of perfecting, the proportion of each type of act and the order in which they appear will be otherwise as varied as possible. We might be able to say that the statistical behavior of writers shows that more acts of discovery take place near the beginning and more acts of perfecting take place at the end, but this is unimportant information for any particular writer. It can be argued that all writing is creative writing, since if one is writing the way one should, one does not know what will be on the page until it is there. Discovery remains the ideal.

The Triggering Town

Publié le 24 août 2016.